Tiny ways you can create leaders not followers


Don’t you just hate it when someone slips into conversation how nice the sunrise was when they left the gym that morning? Or they make that achy muscles noise when they drop into a chair.


Hate them.


So anyway, I was totally at my gym class at 6.10am this morning! I’m not even going to be subtle about it (but in a tick I’ll segway to a leadership technique my PT does without thinking).


I’m on week 3 of a small group weights class and I’m awesome.


OK, I’m actually pretty weak. I’m not fitness shy but could I lift more than the bar (without any flipping weights) in week 1?




Week 2 and the PT put on tiny weights! Would I have pushed myself this hard alone? No way.


He could see my potential where I can only see weakness (note: leadership segway in progress).


Week 3 and he said:  ‘What weight do you think you can lift?’


He is giving me autonomy – I had to use my brain and think for myself. Keep my PT in mind when you consider your role as a leader.

You are there to create more thoughtful leaders – not passengers or followers.


This week, consider how you can:


  • reach for great questions instead of dishing out instructions.
  • rethink the praise. Less is more. Be specific, not gushy.
  • set your expectations high. And don’t cancel the check ins.


All sounds great but you’re too busy to even tie your own shoelaces?


You’re going to love my Leaders Guide to Increasing Your Impact, Influence & Free Time.