Leadership Coaching

For your business to grow and succeed you, as a leader, need to create the right environment to enable those you rely on to perform consistently at the highest level, as well as ensuring you’re doing everything you can to support them in the right way.

Coaching for Leaders

Gallup found that employees whose managers open the door for frequent two-way conversations are three times more likely to be engaged. And why’s that important? Because it’s engaged employees who work with passion, drive innovation, and move your business forward.

And if it’s engagement you’re after, what could be better than showing your people that you’re willing to invest in them to help them achieve better results and get on in their careers? And taking it a step further, show them you’re willing to take feedback onboard and make personal changes too.

A Bespoke Coaching Approach

As an experienced executive coach, I’ve spent years working with leaders from all industries and all walks of life. And it’s that insight that allows me to ensure the approach I take will be the surest route to success.

Not only am I well versed in the kinds of traditional coaching techniques you might have been exposed to before, but I am well-practised with a number of research-backed techniques that have emerged over the last decade or so. I’ve recently helped my clients achieve huge success by taking a Stakeholder Centred approach, supporting them to gain feedback and suggestions for improvements from peers and colleagues as they work towards developing specific aspects of their leadership style.

It’s a highly effective way of creating lasting transformation and also provides invaluable skills to improve self-reflection and drive behavioural change in the future.

Coaching programmes for members of your team

Coaching should be about changing behaviours in order to achieve results. Your high performers will thrive when the bar is high, talented employees do their best work when they’re challenged. Coaching creates an environment where the bar is set higher, not lower.

Maybe you have a leader who tends to micromanage and avoids difficult conversations. But you need them to achieve outcomes with newly remote teams whilst also identifying new business opportunities amid a downturn. It’s clear they may not succeed with their current approach.

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