Team Coaching

The performance and effectiveness of all the teams in your business directly affect the results you’ll achieve. And your senior team are crucial to your ability to transform and grow.

It’s why McKinsey found 90 percent of investors think the quality of the Senior Management Team is the most important nonfinancial factor when evaluating the potential purchase of, or investment in, any business. And that 33 percent of failed business transformations occur because the leadership team’s behaviours did not support the desired changes.

Do you have a newly formed team who are grappling with how and where to start?

Do you have an existing team struggling to achieve results, and having the wrong conversations about the wrong things?

This might be what’s holding you back from the next stage of your growth.

My team coaching programmes get results because I make your success a measure of my success.

My team coaching programmes typically focus on:

  • Your Purpose: Getting clear on where you’re going as a business, and the role the team plays in supporting you getting there
  • The Roles: Making sure you’ve got the ‘right people on the bus’ and everyone knows what part they have to play
  • Your Collective Goals: And understanding how you’ll be measured
  • Team working: How you’ll increase trust, encourage feedback, generate new ideas and perform greater than the sum of your parts
  • Learning: Gaining practical insights for you as leaders, managers, and members of the senior team.
  • Connecting: With every other team, the wider business, customers and beyond.

Using my collaborative approach I’ll help you tackle the challenges live, in the workplace, as they happen. Because that’s where the best and most rewarding learning takes place.

Read how I helped bring on the next generation of leaders to form a Senior Management Team just in time to manage the business through the Covid crisis.

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The senior team is no longer just a group of people who get on – although we do – we have professionalised the way we work together and have confidence in the decisions we’re making.” Tim Harms, Managing Director, Touchwood

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