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What got you HERE may not get you THERE

There’s a reason you’ve got to the level you’ve got to or find yourself in the position you’re in. Whether it’s your ability to make snap decisions and get stuff moving, or always providing a solution when colleagues come to you for help.

But those behaviours that have got you to where you are now aren’t necessarily the ones that will continue to get the results you want to see. As you become more senior, you’re faced with new opportunities, or the business grows around you, you could find that reverting to old habits is holding you back, or at the very least not helping you to drive things forward.

And if you look around, you might find there are members of your own team struggling with the very same thing.

So what’s the answer?

Changing behaviours, adjusting attitudes and reprogramming habits is hard. Particularly when you’re wrapped up in day-to-day operations, firefighting business issues, or trying in vain to reach the bottom of your ‘to do’ list. And even more so if you try to do it alone.

That’s why I started Visibly Different. Because I know that in order to make meaningful and lasting change, it’s vital you incorporate the people around you into your journey. You should ask for their feedback, their advice and ideas – especially if they are impacted by the behaviours and patterns you’re trying to change.

My approach is one that helps individuals and teams make huge leaps forward, enjoying transformations that will set them up for future success and make a significant difference to them personally as well as to the business’ bottom line.

I'm Corine Hines

Back in 2010, when I was just starting my coaching journey, I began seeing how powerful the process was for individuals. I’ve worked with all types of leaders and managers, from underrated heads of finance and recently recruited high potentials, to directors that were heading for burn out.

Watching them grow, develop better habits and improve their relationships is incredible, but what never fails to astound me is the difference those changes can make to the organisation as a whole. It’s a ripple effect that often inspires other members of the team to stand up and seek positive change too.

I’ve seen my clients change their own leadership behaviours and habits, as well as developing the people within their business for the better. It’s always a journey and it’s an absolute privilege to be involved.

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The engagement is fun whilst being challenging. I believe everyone you work with can truly benefit from this experience and grow not only as individuals but also within a team. I only wish I had access to you a long way back. Very thankful we had the opportunity to work together. ” Dave Davies – CTO DVS

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