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What are Delegated Freedoms?

People talk about empowering their leaders an awful lot – and then not a lot changes. Use and communicate the Delegated Freedoms framework so you have fewer ‘do as I say’ conversations and more times where your leaders ‘decide and take action’.

Meeting Review Protocols

How can you check a meeting has gone well? Try asking these questions of everyone, see what comes up, and then go over the actions so everyone is clear.

The Four Meetings by Patrick Lencioni

What meetings could you and should you, be having in your business? Patrick Lencioni suggests these 4 as the types you might seriously consider, with how they should be set up and implemented.

The Delegation Onion from The Delegation Pocketbook by Jon Warner

Have you been told you need to delegate more? Download the onion & check out this article for tips on how to make it happen. Your colleagues will thank you.