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What are Delegated Freedoms?

People talk about empowering their leaders an awful lot – and then not a lot changes. Use and communicate the Delegated Freedoms framework so you have fewer ‘do as I say’ conversations and more times where your leaders ‘decide and take action’.

See It, Own It, Do It

Ever wonder why your change initiatives flounder? The See it – Own it – Do it model shows you what you might be missing and how to fill the gap. Listen for the comments at the end to help identify where things might be going wrong.

Change Curve 1 – Kubler Ross

The first part of the Kubler Ross Change Curve illustrating the stages individuals experience when faced with change.

Change Curve 2 – Kubler Ross – Actions

The second part of the Kubler Ross Change Curve indicating what leadership and management behaviours are required to support people through the change.