Debunk this leadership myth and become a better partner

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Corine Hines

Back in 2010, when I was just starting my coaching journey, I began seeing how powerful the process was for individuals. I’ve worked with all types of leaders and managers, from underrated heads of finance and recently recruited high potentials, to directors that were heading for burn out.  Watching them grow, develop better habits and improve their relationships, was incredible. But I was itching to have more impact on the wider business.

Personal transformations are amazing – but I knew that high performing teams aren’t created because one person transforms themselves.

Over the years we’ve developed an approach that helps individuals and teams make huge leaps forward – transformations that set them up for future success, which make a significant difference to them personally and to the bottom line.

Our techniques change businesses for the better. And it’s an absolute privilege to be involved.

Do you have a work mode and a home mode? And does the work-you have much to do with the home-you? Because you aren’t delegating, giving presentations, or chairing meetings with your spouse. However, from my experience, leaders carry the same habits and behaviours from the work environment to the home.

So, I’ve been helping leaders use this to their advantage.

Last year, I had the pleasure of working with David who wanted to improve how he communicated, so I suggested he enrol his wife as one of his stakeholders. Every month she gave him feedback, tips, and suggestions about how he could up his game. And it was a big success.

So now I encourage my clients to involve their partner or family (if they’re willing, of course). The behaviour change must be something the family will observe, but you’d be surprised how often it is.

If you’re working on becoming a better listener, who better to practice on than your partner? They will appreciate the effort – I guarantee it.

How about if you’re aiming to stop solving everyone else’s problems? Do you have any teenagers in the house? Can you stop stepping in and help build their resilience?

Are you trying to be more optimistic and opportunity sensing? How about your next family holiday. Can you take a constructive mindset to stress and keep open to creative solutions if things go wrong?

Would you be willing to share your coaching goals with your spouse?